What the hell is LVL??? 5 facts about the new lash service!!

Anytime I tell my clients, I am now doing LVL Lashes, they all ask

"Is that like Mink lashes?" It is in fact nothing like Mink its all your own lashes!!

Here are 5 facts about this new Lash Treatment.........

1. You are required to complete a patch test for 48hrs prior to booking........this will be posted out to your home!!!

2. This treatment only takes 1hr to complete

3. Lvl stands for Length Volume & Lift....and this means all your own lashes!!!!

4. Custom fit, there are 3 different types of curl you can go for depending on the lift you want!

5. This treatment lasts 6 -8 weeks!!!!

For more info....check out my video on how this service looks.....

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