What you need to do for your Bridal trial? Here are some tips & tricks to ensure you get the bes

Hello to all my brides to be........

I thought I would write this post as I am constantly asked for tips on makeup prep and how a makeup trial actually works.

I have compiled all my best tips and tricks to get you ready for your makeup trial and for the big day itself.

Treat yourself .....

A lot of brides leave it to the makeup artists to make their skin look amazing on their day. they will do this, however no matter how good your artist is and the products they use, this can only do so much.

I would strongly recommend getting facials, and investing in the right skincare 6 months prior.

If you are not a big cosmetic enthusiast, and don't want to fork out a lot of money I would recommend The Ordinary Skincare, which is really reasonable. Also the Cleanse off Mitt by The Skin Nerd is a much better alternative to wipes especially to improve your skin.

Take Multi vitamins.....

Speaking of skin.......giving yourself an extra boost before hand will always help. This tip I picked up from previous brides, as I noticed that their skin and lashes really improved from their trial to their wedding morning.

Especially during the busy wedding planning period, its always when we indulge in greasy foods , a few drinks and go to makeup wipes. These vitamins will really stand to your skin , and your hair dresser will be delighted too.

Arrange your Trial 3 months prior......

Generally trials are 3 months before your big day. By this time you know your theme/coloring,dress & hair, its when you start to make the finer detail decisions.

Its also a busy time in the run up to your wedding, so its nice to lock in a date where your going to treat yourself. Having a trial done is really fun and builds the excitement for your big day.

At your trial.......

Some advice for your trial, where possible bring a friend/mother it makes it even more of a fun experience, and also gives the mother of bride trust in the makeup artist.

Bring images of makeup you love...Pinterest will be your best friend for this.

If you plan on wearing tan, then come with a little to you trial, gives you a better visual of how it all will look on the day.

After the Trial....

Test the makeup....... perhaps have a girly night out with your bridal party or go out for dinner. This is a great way to see how the foundation lasts, and how the makeup photographs on you.

Its also a good idea to have your hair trial on the same day. Then go out to put the 2 to the test. You will then know what products you need to buy to top up with. Any issues share with your makeup artist.

Any excuse to let your hair down! :)

The week of.....

The countdown is on 7 days to go.....

I advise my brides to buy the Charlotte Tilbury Dry Sheet Mask, its €24.

The mask can be used 3 times for 15 minutes. So start of the week, middle of the week and night before. It leaves a gorgeous glow and smooth texture to the skin.

Water, water , water....keep hydrated and drink as much water as you can. No point in doing all this prep and letting the last week run up let you down.

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